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Convention Registration

All registrations must be received on or before October 11, 2022.

For more information contact: Convention Co-Chairs John & Ann Shea at: 562-408-6959 or
Email them at:

FULL REGISTRATION for All Holy Name Members attending the Convention Meetings
Registration fee is $300 per person

The Full Registration fee includes: (1) Admission to All Convention Meetings & Workshops, (2) All
Convention Materials, (3) Convention Bag and Amenities, (4) Refreshments and lunch during
Meetings on Friday and Saturday, (5) Convention Tour on Thursday (lunch extra), (6) Presidential
Reception Friday, (7) NAHNS Banquet on Saturday, (8) Saturday Workshop sessions/training
materials & (9) Saturday Transportation to Church and back to Hotel for NAHNS Banquet Dinner.
For those GUESTS not registering for the full convention, or those Holy Name Members who are
only coming to the Workshops on Saturday.



Please include a check payable to: LA Archdiocese - Holy Name Union

(Mail to) John & Ann Shea
13613 Barlin Ave
Downey, CA  90242

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