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Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Holy Name Society.  Involvement often begins by growing in your personal relationship with Jesus.  Loving Jesus, calling Him by name, is a great place to start.  Prayers "In His Name" help grow and deeper our relationship with Jesus and provide an opportunity to give thanks for blessings received.  Joining with others on a similar journey through activities of and membership in the Holy Name Society helps further our relationship with Jesus.  The fruits of His love are reflected in service to our families, at work, in our parishes, and our communities. 

Why Become a Member?

Why Be a Member? Spiritual Benefits!

Pray "In His Name"

Pray to Jesus - Call on Him by Name

Join a Holy Name Society

Join an Existing Holy Name Society

Start a Holy Name Society

How to Start a Society

Become a Disciple of the Holy Name of Jesus

Become a Disciple - When Joining an Existing Society is Not an Option

Obligations of Members

Duties of Professed Holy Name Society Members

Obtain a Charter

Request a Charter

Become an Officer

Help Wanted - In Need of Leaders

Join a Committee

Help Spread Devotion to the Name of Jesus

Pray for Holy Name Society Vocation

Open the Hearts and Minds of Many

Confraternity Prayer to the Most Holy Name

A Prayer to Build a Strong and Faithful Confraternity

Send Financial Support

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