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Regional Leadership of the 
National Holy Name Society

Leadership    Support    Evangelization

NAHNS_Regions_Map_Legend II.jpg

The regional Holy Name Society leadership team within each region consists of the Regional Vice President, all appointed Assistant Vice Presidents, and the Regional Spiritual Moderator.  The team works to support Holy Name members and Societies within the geographical region.  This includes helping people join as New Disciples and Professed Members, starting new parish Societies and diocesan unions, and nurturing existing Societies and diocesan/archdiocesan unions.

Contact the leaders within your region with questions about membership, forming or growing a Society, or forming or growing a diocesan/archdiocesan union.  They can also help answer the question – “where are the nearest activity Holy Name Societies?”
The regional Holy Name leadership team often knows the most about Holy Name activities in your area.  Reach out to them for help growing in the Holy Name of Jesus.

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