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About Prison Ministry

"when I was empoisoned, you visited me ..."

About Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry of the Holy Name Society works to bring the love and mercy of Jesus to those in jails and correctional institutions. The ministry includes praying for all involved and visiting residents.

The general information provided here seeks to provide assistance to Holy Name members desiring to engage in Prison Ministry. More information may be obtained through the chairperson of the Holy Name Society Prison Ministry Committee.

General Information and Assistance for Holy Name Society Members

Contact your local Department of Correction about starting a prison ministry program. We recommend going through the Catholic Chaplain of the facility you want start your apostolate. There will be a vetting process for volunteers, including CORI background checks.

Type of programs that can be lead by Holy Name members include 1) a prayer service, 2) starting a Holy Name Society within the institution, 3) offering a Eucharistic Service (always by an ordained deacon), 4) offering a Rite of Holy Communion Outside of Mass (usually done by a lay volunteer). *** Other programs could include weekend retreats (such as the Cursillo format) or a Day of Recollection. The Catholic chaplain may offer other suggestions.

*** A Eucharist Service (by ordained deacon) follows the format of a Mass but does not include the Eucharistic Prayer. Therefore, there is no consecration. A Communion Service Outside of Mass (by a lay volunteer) is different than a Eucharistic Service in that no prayers from the Mass of the day (collect, prayer after Communion) are used.

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