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A Morning Meditation to the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Blessed Henry Suso

O you most beautiful, most brilliant Eternal Wisdom, my soul has yearned for you during the night. Now in this early morning hour, my heart and soul have awakened to you, my love. I beg you, my gracious Lord, that your coveted presence will drive all evil far from my body and soul, pour precious graces into every dark nook of my being, and inflame my cold heart with the fire of divine love. Ah, sweetest Jesus Christ, turn you gracious countenance kindly toward me, because this morning my soul turns to you with all its faculties. I tenderly greet you from the deepest depth of my heart and desire that the thousand times a thousand angels who serve you would today greet you for me, and that the ten-thousand times a hundred-thousand heavenly spirits who dwell with you would praise you worthily. May the fair loveliness of all creatures praise you today in union with me, and gratefully bless your sacred name, our comforting shield, now and throughout the ageless eternity.

Jesus in the soul’s abyss

I sweeter far than earthly bliss;

A tower strong is that name mild

Ne’er disturbed by tempest child.

Far lovelier than a diamond bright,

That name adorns the soul with light.

The name of Jesus sweetly rings

Like rarest zither’s silver strings.

Ah, Jesus, for you name’s blest sake

Forgive my sins, exceeding great.

Grant, dear Lord, that your fair name,

May wound my heart with holy pain.

Jesus, choicest Lover mine,

May my heart’s love be ever thine.

Bless me Jesus, God of power,

Now and in the death’s departing hour.

Blessed Henry Suso (†1366) was a German Dominican priest whose mystical writings focus on divine wisdom and love for Christ’s passion.

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