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Become an Officer

Help Wanted - In Need of Leaders

Become an Officer

Are you a leader? Are you looking for an opportunity to use or develop your leadership skills? Is God calling you to lead others to His Son, Jesus, and help promote devotion to His Holy Name? If so, becoming an officer in the Holy Name Society might be God's plan for you.

Officers within the Holy Name Society lead at many different levels. This includes in parish Holy Name Societies, within the diocese/archdiocese, and at the national level. We need you - at any and all these levels!

To learn more or to get involved:

  • Within a parish - contact the parish Holy Name Society leadership team to explore opportunities.

  • Within a diocese/archdiocese - contact the Regional Vice President responsible for your area. They can put you in touch with the diocesans Holy Name leaders where you reside. Regional Vice Presidents

  • Within a National Holy Name Society committee, contact the committee leader. National Committees

  • As a National Holy Name Society officer, contact a current officer. National Officers

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